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Versions of Smalltalk
This page is expanding as we add content and as we become aware of new versions of Smalltalk.

The number of versions of Smalltalk is growing! The last few years has seen an explosion of new versions and variations on the Smalltalk theme. Smalltalk is proliferating into many new environments. Go Smalltalk!
ANSI Smalltalk Standard
"The growth, spread and potential of Smalltalk led to a need for a standard that will protect the users' interest in compatibility and portability. The J20 technical committee was formed in the summer of 1993 to develop the ANSI Smalltalk standard."

"The ANSI Smalltalk standard was approved on May 19, 1998."
Ambrai Smalltalk for Mac OS X
"Ambrai Smalltalk is an implementation of the Smalltalk language and development environment for Apple Computer's Mac OS X. We aim to deliver a rapid application development platform suitable to create new or script existing Mac OS applications. Whether you are a seasoned programmer or have never written a single line of Smalltalk code, we hope you will consider Ambrai Smalltalk for your next project."
Dolphin Smalltalk
Dolphin Smalltalk is an very low cost commercial version of Smalltalk from Object Arts for Microsoft Windows Win32 based systems. They also have a free earlier version of Dolphin Smalltalk.
F-Script for Apple Mac OSX
Based on Smalltalk, F-Script provides a pure object-oriented environment that leverage [Apple] Mac OS X technologies and includes significant innovations, like a high-level model for object manipulation and the most terrific object browser on earth!
GNU Smalltalk
GNU Smalltalk is a Free (or Open Source) implementation that closely follows the Smalltalk-80 language as described in the book Smalltalk-80. GNU Smalltalk works great from the command line and has a minimal Graphical User Interface as well.
Smalltalk/JVM by Mission Software
Mission Software has created a Smalltalk compiler for the Java Virtual Machine. This compiler allows Smalltalk to run on any JVM. Mission Software's compiler currently produces 100% Java class files fully compatible with the Sun Java Virtual Machine specification. This allows Smalltalk and Java code to interact seamlessly and allows Smalltalk programs to run anywhere Java runs!
LSW Vision-Smalltalk
LSW Vision-Smalltalk ( LSWVST ) is a proprietary Development Platform which is used to develop Applications at Lesser-Software. It has a sophisticated Virtual-machine, nearly 22.000 classes and a highly development infrastructure. It has not yet been released outside of Lesser-Software.
Little Smalltalk
Little Smalltalk is an open tiny version of Smalltalk written by Timothy Budd. Little Smalltalk is NOT a [full] smalltalk-80 system. If you want a real Smalltalk system go buy one... Little Smalltalk is a sort of fun experiment in building a minimal smalltalk system.
OOVM/Resilient Embedded Smalltalk by OOVM A/S and Esmertec
OOVM A/S (Object Oriented Virtual Machines) which develop a unique and advanced software development platform. OOVM develops the next generation software platform for embedded systems to dramatically improve productivity, serviceability, and reliability. [...] The OOVM platform is based on a small object-oriented virtual machine, which runs directly on hardware without the need for an operating system. All software components are compiled to safe, ultra compact bytecodes and executed on top of the virtual machine.
Object Studio Smalltalk by CinCom
ObjectStudio is an object-oriented Smalltalk development environment that enables large organizations to quickly design, assemble, and maintain complex component-based applications. ObjectStudio is unique in providing integrated object modeling (visually defined objects) and object mapping (visually linked objects), within a single development environment.
MicroSeeker PIC/Smalltalk by Hylands Underwater Vehicles
PIC/Smalltalk allows one to write code for the PIC microcontroller in Smalltalk (or at least something that looks like Smalltalk), and then translate it to assembler. This is an embedded version of Smalltalk that allows you to create Smalltalk based software for devices with tiny computing resources. The development environment is the Squeak Smalltalk!
Pocket Smalltalk
Pocket Smalltalk is an implementation of the popular programming language Smalltalk for the PalmPilot. It consists of a development environment which runs on Windows 95/NT along with a cross-compiler. Pocket Smalltalk makes it easy to develop applications for the PalmPilot. You have the full power of the Smalltalk programming language along with a complete class library. Best of all, Pocket Smalltalk creates small, standalone executables. No runtime libraries are required. Pocket Smalltalk is open source.
Public Domain Smalltalk (PDST)
"PDST is a minimal implementation of Smalltalk. All of its source code is available and it is entirely in the public domain. At present, it can best be described as the first step of a gradual rewrite of Little Smalltalk Version 3."
Sharp #Smalltalk by The Refactory
The #Smalltalk compiler implements Smalltalk to run natively on the .NET framework. The #Smalltalk compiler allows you to use classes from ordinary .NET programs. #Smalltalk has a class library that is mostly compatible with the ANSI Smalltalk standard. Therefore, you should be able to run most ANSI compatible Smalltalk code.
Slate Smalltalk
Slate is a prototype-based object-oriented programming language based on Self, CLOS, and Smalltalk. Slate syntax is intended to be as familiar as possible to a Smalltalker, rather than engaging in divergent experiments in that respect. Unlike the Smalltalk family, within Slate, methods can be assigned to a signature of objects, instead of being installed on one favored receiver. Slate has also many further expansions of the semantics which interest advanced users.
Smalltalk Express (Out of distribution)
Smalltalk/V Win16 is known for good performance in a relatively small memory footprint. Its class library is much simpler than VisualSmalltalk's. It runs nicely in Windows 3.1 and Windows95 (no Win95 controls though). We think it is the ideal vehicle for learning Smalltalk.
Smalltalk MT by Object Connect
Smalltalk MT, a high-performance, multithreaded implementation of the popular object-oriented Smalltalk language. Smalltalk MT lets you take advantage of an interactive development environment without sacrificing runtime performance and deliverable size. Executables built with Smalltalk MT are compact, fast, and royalty-free.
Smalltalk/X by Exept
Smalltalk/X (ST/X) is a complete implementation of the Smalltalk programming language and development environment. The implementation of the language and the class library is consistent with the draft ANSI standard as well as the industry standard. An excellent FREE version of Smalltalk.
Squat Smalltalk by Craig Latta
Squat Smalltalk only has what it needs to start and extend itself, so that it you can install and run the system quickly and easily. It is a minimal system which can install itself from a single web page visit. This makes Squat uniquely suited to a wide variety of situations.
Squeak Smalltalk
Squeak is an open source version of Smalltalk derived from the original Smalltalk-80 system. Squeak has undergone rapid development in the years since it's release and is one of the best of the open source Smalltalk systems. Open Croquet is being developed in Squeak.
Strong Smalltalk by Sun Microsystems
Strongtalk is a major re-thinking of the Smalltalk-80 language and system. The Strongtalk system was developed in secret in the mid-90's by a small startup company [Animorphic]. Before the Strongtalk system could be released, the company was acquired by Sun Microsystems, Inc. to work on the JavaŽ virtual machine. Development of Strongtalk was halted at that point, so very few people have ever had a chance to see the Strongtalk system in action.
Susie Smalltalk by Montgomery F. Tidwell
"Scripting Using a Smalltalk Interpreter Engine (SUSIE) is an attempt to provide a light weight scripting engine using Smalltalk as the language. it is based on Public Domain SmallTalk (PDST)."
Talks2 Smalltalk by Architur
Talks2 is a full Smalltalk and Development Environment which runs on top of the Java Virtual Machine. It comes with a ClassBrowser, Workspace, Transcript and all the things you know from a Smalltalk Development Environment.
VisualAge Smalltalk by IBM
"VisualAge Smalltalk enables you to quickly build world-class e-business applications that help you hit it big with your customers and beat your competition. Integrated with WebSphere Application Server, VisualAge delivers an industrial-strength development tool for building your mission-critical applications. Jump start your interoperability to VisualAge for Java using Smalltalk's Servers and a new RMI wizard. Develop graphical client/server applications on OS/2, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, or Sun. Strengthen your e-business today with VisualAge!"
VisualWorks Smalltalk by CinCom
VisualWorks a robust Smalltalk development environment that provides cross-platform compatibility across Windows, Macintosh and a variety of Unix platforms (including Linux). Additionally, VisualWorks offers strong integration with the Internet, and a core engine that is widely recognized as the best performing and most stable in the Smalltalk market.
Vmx QuickNet Smalltalk
Vmx is an advanced scripting framework that works in both the Java and .Net environments. A very interesting new version of Smalltalk.
Zoku Smalltalk
Zoku Smalltalk is a new version of Smalltalk that is currently in development. 2004 has seen the specification of the Zoku Language. Currently work is progressing on the compiler implementation. The Zoku system will support the standard Smalltalk syntax as well as the extended Zoku Language variant of Smalltalk. Zoku is being built as a collaborative system. It is the Japanese word for "group, family or tribe".
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