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The open source mouse that roars!

Squeak Smalltalk
"Squeak is an open, highly-portable Smalltalk-80 implementation whose virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk, making it easy to debug, analyze, and change. To achieve practical performance, a translator produces an equivalent C program whose performance is comparable to commercial Smalltalks."

The Open Source Mouse that Roars!
Rumour has it that the Squeak Mouse hitched a ride on the Smalltalk Baloon as it left the Xerox PARC Ivory Tower. The Mouse squeaked along at Apple for many years hidden away in the woodwork. There were a few close calls and the Mouse was almost noticed. Finally the Squeak Mouse got it's voice and Roared into the Open Source software space. The Mouse has now grown to a powerful development, multimedia, and internet system. The Squeak Mouse has a home with that other famous Mouse over at Disney. I guess that like seeks like. The Squeak Mouse now has many friends from all over the world that feed, care for it, encourage it, and create it's future. What will you contribute to Smalltalk's future?

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October 05 2015
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